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ATV Accidents

The thrill of off-road vehicle (ORV) adventures comes with a unique set of risks that can lead to accidents and injuries. Whether it is an all-terrain vehicle (ATVs), dirt bike, or dune buggy, the uneven surfaces, steep inclines, and speed that get your adrenaline pumping are the same factors that can lead to a dangerous crash or rollover. And although ORVs can be as dangerous as a motorcycle or car that requires a license, it is easy to see them as toys and some people entrust them to inexperienced and very young drivers.

No-Fault Insurance Applies Sometimes

ORVs are considered motor vehicles in some contexts and are not considered motor vehicles in others. They are not subject to the No-Fault Act unless they are registered for use on public roads and have no-fault insurance coverage. Thus, if an unlicensed and uninsured ORV crashes on its own or hits another ORV, the driver may be liable to their passengers or the other vehicle’s occupants if they were driving negligently. But if the ORV was licensed and insured, the passengers could be entitled to no-fault benefits. And if a car, truck, or SUV collides with any ORV, the collision is treated like any other car crash and no-fault law will apply. The experienced attorneys at Gruel Mills can explain all of these complex laws to you and help you understand which benefits or legal claims to pursue.

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