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Golf Cart Accidents

Although golf carts used to only be found on the course, they have increased in popularity and are now used for transportation in vacation and retirement communities, summer camps, airports, and neighborhoods. They are the original electric vehicle, cause no emissions, can drive on a variety of terrain, and are easy to maneuver and park. However, they are also easily tipped over and do not have common safety features such as seatbelts or airbags.

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Golf cart accidents can result from driver inexperience, distraction, recklessness, intoxication, speeding, uneven terrain that is not navigated carefully, mechanical failure of the cart’s brakes, steering, or other systems, or passengers standing or leaning out of moving carts. Even though golf carts do not drive at high speeds, serious injuries can occur if a person falls out of the cart or the cart tips over or crashes. When negligence is the cause of such an accident, the driver, the cart manufacturer, the property owner, or another party may be liable for the resulting injuries.

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